zaterdag, april 02, 2011

Bianca Ansems


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2 april 2011 om 07:00

I love your art style.
Just saiyan.

2 april 2011 om 07:51

Love the self portrait :) Read the back story on your blog weeeee <3

2 april 2011 om 14:10

so long hi doesn't use his powers pikacu shot be oke right? so long it isn't a stone type Pokemon there should be no true reason to lose you're smile in the rain.
but beside that nice drawings/styles

3 april 2011 om 08:11

Funny Sis! =) x Mel

3 april 2011 om 09:19

Thanks guys! Untangle, ye he should be alright as long as he doesn't decide to attack random birds ;]

3 april 2011 om 12:12

haha that wold be mean al the wild Pokemon are challenging him and teasing him on this rainy day.

12 april 2011 om 16:57

Awesome self portrait!